Фендом раб

Rab Streambattle was the leader of the otter guard in Southsward and the husband of Iris. Voiced by Dave C. Lovelace A gray donkey. He is easily the most foolish of the RABs (in RAB 15. This is Retarded Animal Babies/Sci Fi Guys/Jot and Jab/Farkman Wiki. This wiki is not for. Rab or'Big Rab' is a Tartanian Human, and one the members of the Big Ten. (Once, Trece, Catorce.

Rab Affleck played Archie in the Doctor Who television story The Name of the Doctor. External. To replace the locket of Salazar Slytherin at the Horcrux cave —Regulus Black's note left in the locket for Voldemort Regulus' locket was found by Harry Potter and Albus Dumbledore in June of 1997 when they also attempted to obtain the Horcrux.

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